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What The Bible Tells Us About Self Defense

It is the sin in our hearts that causes murder, not the availability of a personal protection device. The banning of a device, knife or rock won’t stop killing. It is much easier to ban an implement/tool than to deal with the “root cause” of evil, sin in man’s heart. Most Self Defense Products are nonlethal and can legally be carried in most states.


Take your safety into your hands.

Defense by the Individual and the Government

There is a vast difference between the duties of an individual and those of the “government.” Government must administer justice, whereas man has the responsibility to protect “his” life from attackers.

Life-Threatening vs. Non-Life-Threatening Circumstances

Non-Lethal Defense

When the use of non-life-threatening means of defense is sufficient to defend yourself and others, do so. The degree and means of self-protection must match the degree of threat against the innocent.

It is unwise, foolish, and inviting harm not to be prepared in advance to resist an assailant who is determined to threaten your life. It is right and prudent to make adequate provision for one’s defense.

Actions Have Consequences:  The doer of the crime deserves to face the consequences of their actions, not the instruments used to commit the offense.

Defense or Vengeance

There is a big difference between revenge and defending oneself. Pursuing the “attacker” after the initial assault has ended, is skirting the threshold of vengeance, rather than self-defense. Remember, it is the job of the legal aspect of our laws to bring the criminal to justice.

Defense is Our Responsibility: It is wrong and absurd not to provide the means to protect one’s family and property.

Installing locks on your doors and windows is taking care to block entry of the uninvited. Protection of family members lies with the responsibility of the parents.

“Responsibility only pertains to people, not to things.”


Because you have things in your life that is worth protecting.

Self Defense Products

Self-defense with the self-defense products we offer need not always be of the lethal persuasion. Use a non-lethal personal protection device if the altercation has to be addressed and ended by more than words.

The escalation of home invasion robbers is terrifying. Many of these types of attackers disregard could “careless,” whether there are people at home or not. They haven’t any regard for the lives of the occupants. One out of three women in the United States is assaulted. College campuses and parking lots are key “target areas” where women need self-defense tactics and carrying a self defense personal protection device.

We, at PDM Self Defense, have potent and effective pepper sprays, stun devices, and batons from which to choose.


Self-defense is the act of defending oneself when physically attacked. Defense of one’s belongings, works or reputation is essential. Each of us has a legal and moral duty to protect oneself against violence or threatened violence with whatever force or means are reasonably necessary.

For those who are hesitant about self-defense not being morally correct go to Biblical Self Defense

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