We are a Woman-Owned Business Serving Peoples Self Defense Needs. Shipping Nationwide.

About Us

PDM Self Defense

Welcome to PDM Self Defense. With Unique Self-Defense Products and Equipment, a safe space to help women and men protect themselves and their loved ones.

PDM Self Defense evolved from our need to provide reliable, effective, trustworthy, and unique self-defense products to folks to stop a threatening advance from an individual or animal determined to do them physical harm.

About Penny D. Montague

Having survived eighteen years of emotional, physical, and psychological abuse, "as a child," I knew first-hand the terror of trying to survive unthinkable maltreatment. 

After the loss of my husband, my son required additional full-time guidance and protection. His life was in my hands, and I knew it was time to follow my dream of starting our own online non-lethal self-defense business. I want to share with people the practicality of these lifesaving products.

How and why PDM Self Defense Evolved – 2009

I received phone calls in the middle of the night from friends or strangers who were terrorized on their way home from shopping or work. The callers wanted to know how to prevent being targeted again, what type of self-defense devices I recommended, and when they would be available.

I will be happy to help with any questions or issues that you may have on the decisions you need to make to help keep everyone safe.

Learning Curve

Our website and business relationship have changed over the years. I certainly have had my bumps and bruises.

Business Advancement

With the acquisition of two long-time successful business ladies who have honed their knowledge and expertise in the business world, we here at PDM Self Defense are on the way to advancing our guests' service needs and expectations.

Rana and Barbara have vast experience in customer relations, marketing, and business development.

Non-Lethal Weapon Advancement

The three primary less-lethal weapons employed by law enforcement and for civilian use are electronic control weapons (ECWs), most commonly; 

  1. Taser
  2. Batons
  3. Pepper spray

The PepperBall® Brand uses the most versatile and powerful non-lethal technology on the market, designed to be used sooner and safer than other defense options.