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Welcome to PDM Self Defense, your source for Personal Defense Products.

My name is Penny D. Montague, my son “Bucky, ” and I own PDM Self Defense, LLC. We provide quality self-defense products and other personal defense devices. We care about you and your family’s safety.

PDM Self Defense has been in existence since 2009. We recently redesigned our website to make it more “customer friendly” and modern. We’re here to serve the safety needs of your entire family.

The society in which we live in is increasing in volatility daily. It has become critical for people to be aware of their surroundings. It is almost a necessity to carry personal defense devices these days. The hope is that you’ll never have to use your products in a self-defense situation.

Our self-defense products are of the highest quality. Learn everything about personal defense products and how to handle them correctly. Practice regularly with them.



Be prepared, be ready, be safe.

Why should you choose PDM Self Defense?

Quality self-defense products, help in empowering people to fight off attackers. PDM Self Defense has caring interests in providing dependable, quality self-defense products, to our customers. Law enforcement usually arrives on the scene, after an attack has already started or ended. The personal defense products we carry, are of the highest quality and have been proven to persuade attackers, to stop their attack.


Self-defense products are needed to protect those that are in danger of being harmed. PDM Self Defense wants to be your supplier of personal defense products.


It is your right to protect and defend yourself. Exercise your power.


It is the Mission of PDM Self Defense to provide quality, reliable self-defense products that are both effective and reliable.

We value and welcome our customer’s input and concerns. Truth and integrity are the “building blocks” of PDM Self Defense, LLC.

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