PhaZZer® Enforcer Complete Set Yellow


The “Yellow” PhaZZer Enforcer Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) is a less lethal Law Enforcement-level self defense weapons that provides similar effective take down power as any Electronic Control Device (ECD).  Safety Shut-Down Circuit Technology dramatically decreases the possibility of  “Adrenalin” causing abuse by the user.






PhaZZer® Enforcer Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) is a less lethal law enforcement-level self-defense weapon that provides a similar effective take-down power as any Electronic Control Device (ECD) on the market.

The Phazzer Enforcer Complete Set Yellow utilizes electric current to neutralize and disable an attacker's voluntary muscle control. The current is transferred up to 15 ft or 21 ft by a pair of insulated wires attached to 2 dart projectiles that are deployed from the cartridge using a nitrogen propulsion system.

All units come standard with an aiming laser system and high-intensity LED light. The PhaZZer will drop an attacker in seconds without causing permanent damage or side effects. It is not classified as a firearm by the ATF and thus does not require federal registration.

The Enforcer has a three finger hand grip with impact resistant rubber handgrip cover, rechargeable lithium-ion battery system, and includes 15 Ft. Electronic Dart Pro, 8' Pepper Powder & 21' Training cartridges.

PhaZZer® Enforcer Complete Set - Yellow

PhaZZer Enforcer Complete Set includes:
• PhaZZer Enforcer CEW
• One 15' Dart Pro Cartridge - Yellow Blast Doors
 • One 21' Training Dart Cartridge - Blue Blast Doors
• One 8' Pepper Powder Cartridge - Pink Blast Doors
• Rechargeable Battery
• Stock Nylon Holster
• Operator Manual
• Warranty Card
• AC Charger
• PAL Adapter

The TASER® Alternative - Our PhaZZer Enforcer is a Law Enforcement Grade Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW). Provides complete Neuro-Muscular 


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Weight 2.75 lbs