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“I am truly blessed with a family business designed to serve others. If any of the non lethal self-defense products that we provide, or anything that we do through our website, saves just one life, we have done our job. Your personal safety is our passion.”
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Welcome to PDM Self-Defense, your home for quality self-defense products and home protection. We offer a large selection of top brands that are affordable as well as ideal for work, college, apartment life and home security. Be ready to defend yourself and your family with Law Enforcement Grade Pepper Sprays. Personal defense devices such as Pepper SpraysStun Batons or Bean Bag Guns will cover most self-defense needs for the average person. Self-defense equipment, personal defense products, and tactical devices even the playing field. When men and women are being attacked and killed on a daily basis, it pays to prepare yourself before an attack takes place. In the face of immediate danger, you have the right to use force to protect yourself.

PDM Self Defense is here to help inform you and provide non-lethal self-defense products. The ability to defend yourself from life-threatening encounters with dangerous criminals is our goal. Protect yourself today with one of our many less lethal self-defense products and personal defense devices.