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 Personal Defense Equipment: Less-Lethal Weapons

Be Ready To Defend Yourself

Welcome to PDM Self-Defense, your home for quality self-defense products and home protection devices.   We offer a large selection of affordable top brand personal defense equipment.   Less-lethal weapons that ideal for work, college, apartment life, and home security.

Defend and Protect – Self and Loved Ones

It dramatically reduces the stress on the whole family when each member knows how to help themselves and their loved ones stay safe. Each family's goal must be to increase the health and safety of its members. You can reduce stress levels during dangerous times by each family member enacting the emergency procedures laid out in the family emergency plans. Knowing how to safely us your self-defense products are critically important for everyone.

Effective/Reliable – Potent Defense Spray and Ingenious Stun Guns

PDM Self Defense values the artistic mastery of our manufacturers for their dedication in constructing personal defense products. Our self-defense sprays are used by professional crime fighters and the public regardless of age. If you have loved ones recouping in an adult care facility, or child care program or school – or anywhere else where people congregate, everyone needs to be vested in safety preparedness. Panic in an emergency can be reduced when everyone knows what their responsibilities are and have correctly practiced a variety of different danger scenarios. Periodic safety drills help develop the proper safety mechanics for staying safe.

Personal defense techniques are essential for developing “muscle memory” skills and behaviors. Rote memorization of different body mechanics takes self-discipline and commitment. If you want to defeat a foe which means to do you harm, you must be prepared in advance of the encounter to defend yourself however necessary. Are your self-defense products accessible within a “split-moments” notice? Are you ready mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically to fight?

Personal Defense Equipment for Women and Men

What Products Are Available?

PDM Self Defense offers a wide range of less-lethal weapons including stun gun batons. We carry many of the top brands of pepper spray, stun guns, batons, keychain defense products, and Tactical Flashlights. Are you looking for Tactical Knives, TASER Devices or Animal Repellents; look no further. This “short list” is only the beginning of self-defense products we have available for you in our warehouse.

Are you looking for Law Enforcement Accessories, such as Badge/ID Holders, Citation Books, or K9 Products for that 4-legged officer? We haven’t forgotten our Professional Firefighters either. (Radio Straps & Accessories – Fire Turnout Gear – Radio Specific Holders – and Leather and Hardware Gear.

Why Choose Us?

Thanks to the wide choice of products available to us; to keep you safe, please feel free to contact us by email or phone and let us fulfill your Personal Safety needs. Give us a call, and we will be glad to accommodate you and ensure you will leave as a satisfied customer.

We have gained and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.