Self Defense Weapons: Keychain Weapons, Personal Defense Weapons

Self Defense Weapons: Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Expandable Batons, Personal Alarms and TASERS.

Self Defense Products including stun guns, mace defense spray, and batons. Non-Lethal Self Defense Products save lives!

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65% of home burglaries happen between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Keychain weapons are portable and discreet. These effective self defense keychains provide serious defensive power. An attacker won't see the power of "leave me alone" until their pain tells them to depart from you immediately. Self Defense Keychains are serious personal defense weapons.


321, 500 victims of rape and sexual assault per year.

We are here to help you defend and protect your life from those who wish to harm you. Effective, reliable self-defense weapons are essential life-saving tools. We as a society have been tragically reminded over and over, that we are living in a violent world.

Personal responsibility includes being ready and willing to defend your life and that of others. Unprepared to defend and protect yourself and others can no longer be "totally" left up to law enforcement agencies. They are not always going to be available to protect us.

Reminder, we are talking about legal, justifiable self-defense of innocent lives.