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“I am truly blessed with a family business designed to serve others. Your personal safety is our passion.”  Only NEW premium personal defense equipment offered here!
With the dramatic increase in crime affecting every aspect of our lives; Now is the time to arm yourself with premium non-lethal protection devices. Crime prevention is always the wiser course of action. Protect your home with quality home security items. Get your Personal Defense Equipment here at PDM Self Defense, the people who care about your safety!
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Welcome to PDM Self-Defense, your home for quality self-defense products and home protection devices. We offer a large selection of top brands that are affordable as well as ideal for work, college, apartment life, and home security. Be ready to defend yourself and family with Police Magnum Pepper Spray.

Personal defense equipment such as Police Magnum Pepper Spray, Handcuffs or Police Baton will cover most of your self-defense needs.

Impact Defense Weapons such as kubatons, Wild Kat Keychains, and tactical batons are but samples of our available personal defense equipment. We offer great prices on the best Personal Defense Equipment | Non-Lethal Protection Devices

Men and women are being attacked and injured on a daily basis. In the face of imminent danger, you have the right to use appropriate force to protect yourself.

If you don't see the non-lethal protection devices you want, we will help you find the product you are seeking. Caring about the safety and satisfaction of our customers; is our business.