Self Defense Weapons: Keychain Weapons, Personal Defense Weapons

Will Your Home Be Next? Be prepared with PhaZZers – a less lethal, more accurate Electronic Control Device than the TASER®, Stun Batons – a police force tactical defense baton with added stun functions, Kubatons – a close-quarters self defense weapon for applying pressure to sensitive areas of the assailants body,  and many more self defense weapons, sprays and deterants.

65% of home burglaries happen between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Be prepared with a PhaZZer.

One in every 36 homes is burglarized. Get the most powerful stun baton available.

Kubatons are great for providing protection in close-quarter battles. An easy-to-carry less-than-lethal baton is effective at taking down an aggressor.

Are You Prepared For the Worst?

Be ready to defend your self and family with Pepper Spray, Streetwise Security Barbarian Stun Baton, or the ARMA-100 Bean Bag Gun for your personal defense needs. These days men and women are being attacked and killed whether it be day or night. Think you're safe to walk your dog at night or walk down the ramp of an underground parking garage? Do you need milk and bread or to fill up your gas tank at 2 AM? You risk your life just going to the neighborhood convenience store. 

In the face of immediate danger, you have the right to use force to protect yourself. PDM Self Defense wants you ready to defend yourself from life threatening encounters with dangerous criminals. Whether it be day or night, criminals will attack you for what you are wearing, driving, or walking alone.

Protect and Defend Life

Take your safety into your own hands.