First Aid Kits

Whether at home, traveling, camping, hiking or participating in physical activities, fully stocked First Aid Kits should always be nearby. Read The Mayo Clinic’s advice on a well-stocked First Aid Kit.

The “hardshell” first aid kits manufactured by “Lifeline” are available in different sizes. The kits range from a small kit with 30 pieces to the First Aid Kit-Deluxe. This 121-piece First Aid Kit-Deluxe has everything you need to keep you or your team in the game. Perfect for little leagues, 5K runs or simple playground fun.

Weather Resistant First Aid Kits…

With weather-resistant carrying cases keeps everything dry. All of the bandages and antiseptic at your fingertips. The “29 Piece Weather Resistant First Aid Kit” is well organized and perfect for those small mishaps around the house. Don’t let adverse weather impede your travels.

If you should find yourself in a disaster emergency, the “1 Person 72 Hour Essentials Disaster Kit” – contains food, water, first-aid items, and tools.”



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