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Stun Gun Laws By State

Posted by Penny Montague on 8th Jun 2022

Stun Gun Laws By State

Stun guns are legal in forty-eight out of fifty states, with the two exceptions being Hawaii and Rhode Island. Stun guns or tasers rely on conducted energy while other U.S. codes regulate the possession of firearms and dangerous weapons. 

Alabama Code 13A-1-2 and most other states declare such products as a “Defensive Weapon.” These weapons are a so-called electric stun gun, even a device capable of dispensing mace or a similar chemical agent not meant to cause death or serious physical injury.”

Please remember, stun guns and tasers are not firearms. Therefore, different laws regarding these types of products are in effect.

Dangerous Weapons

Arizona code 13-1213 clearly states that no laser pointer, taser, or similar device can be pointed at a peace officer.

California declares it a criminal offense to use a stun gun or taser on a peace officer. Cal. Penal 244.5 states: Regardless of who you are, an assault will declare against you if you assault a peace officer or firefighter with a stun gun or less-lethal weapon, as defined in Section 16780, if you knowingly or reasonably know that the peace officer or firefighter is engaged in the performance of his or her duties.

Punishment - Imprisoned in the county jail for a term not exceeding one year or by imprisonment in agreement with subdivision (h) of Section 1170 for two, three, or four years.

Stun Guns and Tasers

While stun guns and tasers are not firearms, they are subject to the laws about dangerous weapons.

StateIs it legal to have a stun gun or taser?Do I need a permit to own a stun gun or taser?
Alabama Yes No
Alaska Yes No
Arizona Yes No
Arkansas Yes No
California Yes No
Colorado Yes No
Delaware Yes No
District of Columbia Yes No
Florida Yes No
Georgia Yes No
Hawaii No N/A
Idaho Yes No
Illinois YesYes
Indiana Yes for stun gun** No
Iowa Yes No
Kansas Yes No
Kentucky Yes No
Louisiana Yes No
Maine Yes No
Maryland Yes No
Massachusetts Yes No
Michigan Yes, with a concealed carry permit Yes
Minnesota Yes No
Mississippi Yes No
Missouri Yes No
Montana Yes No
State Is it legal to have a stun gun or taser? Do I need a permit to own a stun gun or taser?
Nebraska Yes No
Nevada Yes No
New Hampshire Yes No
New Jersey Yes No
New Mexico Yes No
New York Yes No
North Carolina Yes*** No
North Dakota Yes No
Ohio Yes No
Oklahoma Yes No
Oregon Yes No
Pennsylvania Yes No
Rhode island No N/A
South Carolina Yes No
South Dakota Yes No
Tennessee Yes No
Texas Yes No
Utah Yes No
Vermont Yes No
Virginia Yes No
Washington Yes No
West Virginia Yes No
Wisconsin Yes with CCW license***** Yes
Wyoming Yes No