Wise Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit - 72 Hour

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Wise Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit – 72 Hr

Your safety is in your own hands as long as you practice strategic ways to protect yourself from harm!

Planning an outdoor adventure trip with a friend? Not sure how to prepare for emergencies? Do not let these questions stop you from enjoying your life!

Give yourself a chance to experience the great outdoors without worrying about self-protection and survival. Our Ultimate 72-hour Emergency Meal Kit will take care of that.

  • EMERGENCY FOOD FOR TWO: Even in the world's remotest areas, you can survive for three days with one of the best survival meal kits. It has all the essential food groups to keep you energized.
  • NO NEED FOR CLEAN WATER:With the 28 oz. Seychelle Water Filtration bottle, you are set to clean at least 100 gallons of water. Enough to help you survive in case of an emergency.
  • 13,120 CALORIES: Planned meals for two that provide 2000+ calories per day. You can ration the food in case you are lost or plan to enjoy the trip for a few more days.
  • FIRE FOR PROTECTION: Wilderness can bring all sorts of danger to you. Protect yourself with the one-cup pouches of fire starter. These will last for three nights, keeping away dangerous animals and humans.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review

Free Thinkers - Mavericks  - Personal Defense MAVERICK

Being a maverick isn't the same as expressing a rebel philosophy. A genuine (Maverick) shows emotional intelligence, which involves picking one battle and appreciating when to push one's ideas through to management.

Perseverance - 
A maverick mentality involves relentlessly pursuing their goals. Once they chart their course, they refuse to let setbacks stop them from reaching their goals. When faced with a "roadblock," a maverick will either go around the stumbling block or - knock it down. Seeking the guidance of a superior force displays intelligence and not arrogance.


Having the courage to keep going, even when things get tough, is a defining characteristic of an independent thinker.

But it also means being wise enough not to force their ideas but rather to step back and reevaluate after obtaining more information about the topic.