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WildFire 1.4% MC 1lb Pepper Spray Pistol Grip Fogger

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Product Overview

Why Carry a WildFire 1.4% MC 1lb Pepper Spray Pistol Grip Fogger?

  • LURKING ATTACKERS:Home invaders, street criminals, and muggers; violent strangers are everywhere. You can't stop them, but you can protect yourself.
  • NON-LETHAL:Non-lethal self defense weapons like a pepper spray fogger can protect you from making wrong split-second decisions.
  • PISTOL GRIP:Use it safely even when your hands are trembling. The comfortable grip prevents you from dropping the fogger in fear.
  • SAFE FOR YOU:You won't be pointing the pepper spray in your direction because of the pistol grip. It becomes your guide during times of panic and helps you point the mist in the general direction of your attacker.

What Happens When You Use the WildFire 1.4% MC 1lbPepper Spray?

  • MUCOUS MEMBRANE SWELLING:When you use the Pepper Spray Pistol Grip Fogger, the hotness from the pepper formula brings immense pain to the attacker. They won't even breathe properly, let alone attack you!
  • EYES SWELLING:Breathing difficulty alone is not enough when a pepper spray fogger gets involved in an attack. It's not over until you temporarily obscure your attacker's sight!
  • A CHANCE TO RUN:While your attacker is trying to understand what's happening to their face, you can use that time to run away. The effects will last 45 minutes, long enough for you to call for help.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review