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VTS-880 ~ 25 Million Mini Stun Gun ~Rechargeable w/LED Flashlight ~ Pink

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Product Overview

A predator will follow you if he knows you live alone and have no one to come looking for you late at night. Being an independent woman in a strange city is rewarding but comes with its own set of problems. One of them is being the target of an attacker.

The fear can be paralyzing, but it should never stop you from living your life. There are ways to protect yourself from mentally sick people, simply by keeping yourself armed with a non-lethal weapon at all times.

VTS-880 is a mini stun gun with 25,000,000 volts of charge. A mini stun gun should be your first choice when looking for self-defense weapons for women.

  • With 4 Prongs and 2 Spikes, the mini stun gun can temporarily stop your attacker in his tracks. You will have enough time to run away while your attacker is incapacitated.
  • With a built-in charger and LED flashlight, you can take your attacker by surprise. Shine the bright light directly in his eyes and use the prongs to stop his pursuit.
  • With 4-1/4″ height, 2 1/8″ width, and1″ thickness, you can easily carry it around without letting anyone know you are armed to protect yourself!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review