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UZI Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker

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Product Overview

Trapped inside your small office by an angry colleague? Lost the control of your car to a mugger with ill intentions? Find yourself with a robber in the house? You need a lightweight self-defense weapon to get out of these situations.

Stealth is one of the reasons self-defense weapons are powerful. They may be non-lethal, but their clever designs get a person out of a sticky situation. Uzi Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker is just another accessory you carry in your purse or bag!

  • Aircraft Aluminum: Crafted using heavy-duty aluminum ensures the pen is reliable when you need it to break the glass. If an assailant traps you, use the tactical pen with glass breaker technology to find an exit and escape unscathed.
  • Carbide Tip: The glass breaker technology on this tactical pen uses a carbide tip that won’t break. It is durable even if you must use maximum force to break the glass.
  • Personal Safety Weapon: Even if there’s no glass, you can use the Uzi Tactical Pen with Glass Breakerto attach the assailant and protect yourself from an unsafe outcome. Don’t forget to run away and call the police!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review