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TASER PULSE + Noonlight GPS Response App

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Product Overview

When to Use Your TASER Pulse Noonlight GPS Response App Weapon?

  • When an intruder enters your house and disarms the alarm.
  • You face an attacker on an empty street while returning home.
  • You are alone in a parking lot, walking toward your car.
  • You meet an antsy mugger who is more nervous than you.
  • A strange man approaches as you get close to your main door or garage.
  • You are jogging alone in your neighborhood and notice a car following you.

Situations like these call for your vigilance. If you can get out of it by using an excuse, that’s better than using any self-defense weapon!

If not, hold your TASER Pulse with a firm grip and get ready to fire.

Why TASER Pulse + Noonlight GPS Is the Best Choice for You?

  • Carry the Pulse self-defense weapon discreetly. The attacker should never know you are well-armed and protected.
  • Bright LED Flashlight to show the attacker’s face for identification later. It keeps you from shooting the wrong person.
  • LASER-assistance for targeted firing. Never lose your chance to run away!
  • TASER Pulse connected Noonlight GPS Response App calls for help as you run away from the assailant.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review