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TASER Pulse + Noonlight GPS Response App

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Product Overview

The new TASER™ Pulse+ is a high-tech, subcompact weapon with an intuitive concealed carry design that packs the same knock-down punch used by law enforcement around the world. With the TASER™ Pulse+, you can reach an attacker from up to 15 feet away and immobilize them for 30 seconds giving you time to make a safe escape.
When activated an electrical impulse from this less-lethal self-defense product will activated an electrical impulse from a Taser causes short, sustained muscle contractions.
Simply, connect your Pulse+ to Noonlight for upgraded protection - the Noonlight mobile application is free and will automatically send first responders to your GPS location when you fire your Pulse+ device! This unit comes with 2 cartridges but we have added 2 more for a total of 4.
The world we live in is becoming more dangerous and frightening each day. The day where you could plan a "family day" at the local Amusement Park without worrying about some "nut-job" infiltrating the surrounding area is appearing before our very eyes.  
Personal safety has never been more complete due in part to Taser/Axon. Weighing in at just 8 ounces, this high-tech, intuitively designed device is revolutionizing the self-defense market. This advancement in technology is helping people go wherever they want with more confidence.  
Subcompact design with the intuitive user interface: The small size and pistol shape provides discreet carry capability.
  • Shaved safeties and angled iron sights: for comfortable conceal carry and prevention of snagging when withdrawing or re-holstering device
  • Advanced target acquisition: LASER assisted targeting, color contrasting iron sights, and powerful LED flashlight to help identify friend or foe
  • User-replaceable battery: Battery lasts for approximately (50) 30-second firings and it features an illuminated battery status indicator light
  • Tactile trigger and safety
  • 15-foot safety range with a back-up stun gun: Immobilize attackers at a safe distance
  • Noonlight: Connect your PULSE to Noonlight for upgraded protection! Works with Apple and Android devices.
  • Safe Escape Product Replacement Program: If the TASER™ Pulse is used for self-defense and it is left at the scene, TASER™ will replace the device free of charge upon the submission of a police report.


Step 01: Get to Safety
Drop your Pulse+ device and get to safety. Noonlight is already reaching out to emergency services.

Step 02: Noonlight will Text and Call You
Answer if you can. You may also cancel the alarm at this point, or talk directly to 911.

Step 03: Just Wait
Help is on the way.


  • Pulse+ Device
  • 2 Live Cartridges
  • Easy-to-Replace CR123 Batteries
  • Conductive Practice Target
  • We have added 2 more cartridges for a total of 4.

Mobile Requirements: iOS app supports iOS 8+ and the Android app supports API level 19+ (Android 4.4 KitKat). Your Pulse+ purchase comes with Noonlight; check the Noonlight website for more information.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review