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Taser Nylon Holster with Strap

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Product Overview

Walking alone at night in an unsafe neighborhood is scary but unavoidable. You can’t control external factors, but there’s one thing you can do with determination—protect yourself at all costs!

Imagine yourself alone on an abandoned road with a broken car and an out-of-battery phone. Help is on the way, but you will have to wait for some time. Suddenly, two shadows appear, walking towards you in confident strides. Your sixth sense tells you to stay alert and not to trust these strangers. After all, you are in an unknown location all alone.

What would be the first thing you do to protect yourself from potential harm? You would (and you should!) get your self-defense weapons ready just in case!

Here’s how it would go:

  • You will take out your TASER pulse and its nylon holster with strap.
  • Attach it to the outside of your waistband.
  • Place your feet apart and straighten your shoulders.
  • Place your right hand on the taser holster and show the strangers you know how to use the weapon.
  • If they approach you with evil thoughts in mind, they’ll be cautious and keep a safe distance from you.

You do not have to use your self-defense weapon every time. You can save yourself from an immediate threat just by showing your TASER Nylon Holster with Strap!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review