Taser 7CQ Home Defense

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Make your home a safe and secure place for your family!

Intruders never stop to think about the people living inside the house they choose to target. They look at your home, observe you for a few weeks, and make a move when they feel you are vulnerable.

Do you want to be prepared for any situation at your home? Are you ready to protect yourself and your family? Buy the TASER 7 CQ home defense stun gun and never feel vulnerable again!

  • AIM FOR IMPACT: TASER 7 CQ is the ultimate home defense gun for family protection. It has cartridges that deploy within 4ft, leaving the intruder in great pain. They won’t be able to get up anytime soon! You’ll have the situation back in your control.
  • BACKUP SHOT: The stun gun has a backup shot! You can use it to face two intruders. The backup does not require manual reloading. You can also use it to reshoot the same intruder if you miss it the first time.
  • WEAPON TO PROTECT: TASER 7 CQ is self-defense for adults! You do not have to be afraid of intruders, even if they are violent. You’ll have the stun gun that warns them with an audible warning before making them regret it if they don’t stop immediately.


  • The T-7 holds two cartridges allowing a backup or follow-up probe deployment against one or multiple attackers. Dual-shot improved darts fly straighter and faster with nearly twice the kinetic energy for better connection to the target.
  • Built to support only Close Quarters (CQ) Cartridge, the probes reach optimal spread when deployed as close as 4 feet away from the subject. Electricity is intentionally driven between all contacts to maximize the effectiveness of probe deployment.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Features a 12-foot range, contacts stun, and can deliver a 5-second exposure cycle. Increased probe spread is optimal for close-range engagements where 85% of deployments occur.
  • MULTI-USE: Suited for both home defense and security professionals. It is the same personal defense equipment used and trusted by law enforcement agencies worldwide.
  • SELF-DEFENSE KIT: The most effective TASER device is now available for civilians. The TASER 7CQ package includes (1) T 7CQ Device, (1) 7CQ Replaceable Battery, (2) Cartridges, (1) Conductive Practice Target, and (1) Rugged Carrying Case.



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