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Tactical Vest - Black XL-XXL

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Product Overview

Your adjustable Tactical Vest keeps your shooting gear organized and accessible; this high-quality vest also keeps you warm. Before moving your shooting gear to a different location on your vest, there are three adjustable Side Straps on each side of the Tactical Vest.

Nothing worse than not being able to readily grasp your "organizational vest," slip your arms into the armholes, zip up the heavy-duty front zipper, and you're off to the next venture. Don't forget to adjust the two Quick Fastener Buckles before trudging up the next slope.

Custom Fit Vest

I like my mid-section covered up while packing gear. The Triple Shoulder Hooks and loop panels make adjusting for the length of the vest over your torso.

Recognition Panel

Many athletic teams have an area reserved for a player's number and name. Check out the back panel, as it makes room for your name and "earned moral patches." A Heavy Duty Rescue Drag Handle, and Loop help secure the rear panel.

As many an outdoor venture knows, a padded back panel for transporting a Hydration Bladder is built-in into the back panel.

A heavy-duty lethal device would be best if your trip includes an area where dangerous wildlife is possible.

Multi-faceted Vest

The pistol belt includes two pistol pouches with quick connect flaps. This multi-faceted vest makes for carrying a multi-tool, flashlight, folding knives, etc.

Your Tactical Vest is of touch PVC on top of Mesh Webbing for maximum durability. Another great feature of mesh webbing is that it will help keep you cool.

The Regular Size Tactical Vest - Fits Medium, - XL T-Shirt sizes. 





(No reviews yet) Write a Review