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Tactical Pen

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Product Overview

Tactical Pen

              Tactical Black Twist Pen with Extra Refill

Are you looking for a multi-purpose self-defense tool and a pen writing pen? We have just the product for you. Our tactical pen comes with a writing tip with a "separate tip" that will break glass or can be used to stab or jab a crazed assailant. 

Self-Defense Implement Uses

  1. One "tip" of this multi-use pen is used for writing by simply removing the cap, while the other tip will stab or jab an individual determined to do you great bodily harm. The stabbing tip of a tactical pen can drive an attacker away with a couple of well-placed jabs.
  2. Escaping from a submerged vehicle - Being trapped in a "submerged" car with the window up can happen to anyone. You could use our glass-breaking tip to break a window to facilitate escape when no other egress from a building is accessible. Here is a tool that can come in handy in a structural fire or a violent encounter with an attacker.
  3. Advanced models of this self-defense product even include a built-in flashlight function.

Means of Carry

This attractive product is easy to carry in your breast pocket or purse. There isn't any need to worry about "telegraphing" the multiple uses of your pen because it doesn't draw attention to itself. People see your black, versatile pen and think it's just for writing. Tactical pens are small, convenient, and affordable personal defense instruments.

No Location Restrictions

There are restrictions on some self-defense weapons, but tactical pens are not restricted. Need a practical, reliable alternative item for personal defense? This writing instrument is not offensive, yet it will give you a tactical advantage in a hand-hand confrontation. 

Personal Defense-Minded people

Tactical Pens "well serve" people working in the following industries -

  1. Security Workers
  2. People who carry large amounts of money
  3. Gas Station Attendants who work alone at night.
  4. Pizza Delivery Drivers who deliver in less affluent neighborhoods.
  5. Real Estate Agents
  6. Moms and Dads




(No reviews yet) Write a Review