Coffee Mug - Improvised Weapon

Improvised weapons only need the imagination of its owner. Makeshift weapons only require your imagination. Therefore, know your home from top to bottom and where everything belongs. Being caught-off-guard is human; thinking fast on your feet can save your life. Lessen your risk of encountering violent individuals in the first place. As many of us have learned the hard way; we have been too preoccupied in our lives to recognize the danger signals. Clear your mind of clutter by focusing on fewer projects during a given time.

The days of going about our affairs without surmising what could be waiting for us at events where large groups of people are congregating in innocents are gone.

Global terrorism, workplace violence, domestic violence, and suicides are on the rise, globally.

Here is a direct quote from a book written by Keith Jacobs; “Clearly, every person living in the United States; will face the possibility of being involved in an active shooter event during their lifetime.” Now, if that sobering statistic doesn’t awaken your reality, you are fooling yourself.

Improvised Weapons – In Plain Sight

I also want to share with you how you can improvise “ordinary” products as self-defense tools in a life-threatening situation. Anyone at any time can find themselves caught off guard, and in need of a device, they can use to fight off an attacker.

Many people have things around their home that can be put to use as a personal defense weapon. You hear an unsuspecting foot-steps enter your kitchen, while you’re drinking morning coffee. An unknown man charges towards you with a gun in his hand. Your half-empty coffee mug suddenly becomes a potent improvised weapon. You lay-out the uninvited intruder “cold” on your kitchen floor.

We have two fire extinguishers in the kitchen that could be set to use for self-defense. If you have children or have had youngsters, I’ll bet you have a baseball bat around your home. Few homes are without keys, a pen or a pencil. High-heeled shoes have a “ready-made” spike that could lay a real-hurt on a violent aggressor. It is somewhat “old-fashion,” but a bag or sock full of coins or size D batteries can lay a quantitative “hurt” alongside an offenders head or crack a bone.

List of Improvised Shields

  • Furnisher, tables, chairs, desks, and lecterns.
  • Books
  • Stacks of paper
  • Trays
  • Backpacks, book bags, and purses


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