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DPS Ballistic Magnum Units

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Product Overview

DPS Pepper Spray is in use by over 600 different law enforcement agencies and companies and growing. But most importantly, the RANGE of these sprays is superior to anything else available.

The Ultimate OC Defense Spray is DPS and is used in policing riot control and self-defense.

Design Update -

This product is a handle-held unit with strong visual qualities (dread is seen in the eyes of the wayward person). The unique X-Stream Range magnum on the market meets the Ballistic Fog and Ballistic Stream). The gun handle assembly has also been updated.

Superior Range

The high-powered cone-shaped fog emission covers a distance of over 25 feet, while the "stream unit" can pinpoint the assailant in the crowd from 20 feet away. These DPS units cover the farthest range of any magnum unit on the market. 

The superior range of our units allows you to quickly take control of an individual or a crowd from a safe distance.

Pin Safety Mechanism -

Another advanced feature is the replaceable pull pin safety mechanism that can be pulled when ready to fire. After the unit is finished, please push the back into place when ready to secure the device.

Actuator/Trigger -

Pressing down the actuator/trigger is much easier to press down the actuator/trigger, and there isn't any risk of locking the unit on.

Defense Units

These home defense units will serve your needs both at home and make great bar/business defense units.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review