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Pepper Spray 0.5 OUNCE Flip-Top STREAM

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A short distance from the school bus to your house or from the subway to your neighborhood feels safe until you find a lurking shadow following you home on an almost empty street. You may think that a 5-minute walk is nothing and you can reach the safety of your house soon enough, but reality can be different. An attacker can grab you from behind, and the fear and strength will prevent you from running away.

When the attacker's strength becomes your weakness, let a small object become your courage. Pepper Spray 0.5 oz Flip-Top STREAM is a pepper spray for women and young girls so they can protect themselves with a single burst of highly potent self-defense spray.

  • PROXIMITY FACTOR: Whether you are standing right in front of the attacker or get a chance to move 6-12 feet away, the pepper spray remains effective. One continuous burst for 12 seconds is enough to stop your attacker's advance.
  • EASE OF USE:The flip-top actuator prevents accidental discharge, and with a flick of your thumb, you can use it immediately. This pepper spray is also easy to conceal—you can put it in your pocket or purse or hold it in your hand with the keychain ring. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review