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Public Defender 14,000,000 Stun Flashlight

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Product Overview

Quality starts with a sound "well thought out" design and manufacturing skill. Police Force Tactical engineers produce products to meet the demands and expectations of law enforcement, military, and security professionals worldwide. These same products are now available to civilians also. 

When you need to illuminate an area well and protect yourself, look no further for a flashlight than Police Force Tactical. The Public Defender is a top-quality flashlight with a "superb stun gun" for self-defense.

Police Force Tactical is proud to introduce its “top of the line” stun flashlight. The Public Defender offers many features found in high-end flashlights but includes a stun gun for self-defense.

Made of military-grade aluminum alloy it incorporates an XP-G2 Cree LED to produce 281 lumens*. This is one of the brightest flashlights and most powerful stun guns on the market today.

It features three flashlight modes and includes a heavy duty belt clip and nylon holster. To ensure that the battery is fully charged when you need it the most, there is a battery status indicator on the side of the unit.

It is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty. With the Public Defender Stun Flashlight, police strength protection is now also available to civilians. *This is the actual lumen rating.

Many brands exaggerate the number of lumens and claim this level of brightness to be 1000 or more. FEATURES: Super-bright 281 lumen XP-G2 CREE LED with three light modes Micro USB charging Max runtime up to 24 hours Powered by rechargeable 18350 Li-ion battery Power Level Indicator Easy Operation

Battery Source

LED – Bulb

Material – Nylon




(No reviews yet) Write a Review