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Wild Kat Keychains Self Defense

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Wild Kat Keychains are not toys but instead are serious defensive weapons. The sharp “cat-like” ears make these keychain tools “purrfect” for personal defense protection.The Wild Kat Self-Defense Keychain fits right on your key ring.



Our Wild Kat Keychains are made of an extremely tough plastic material that is hard to break. This self-defense weapon needs to be durable as it built to defend your life while inflicting pain on the attacker.

When an assailant is determined to hurt, rape or kill you; this isn’t the time to worry about his feelings.

Slashing, jabbing motions with the intent of striking the attacker’s hands, collarbone, elbows or hip bones.

The Wild Kat will provide a painful and stunning blow when you jab an attacker with force and commitment.

The Wild Kat Keychain molded plastic self-defense weapon will deliver a devastating message of pain. The pointed cat ears are sharp and will slice and puncture the skin, quickly. The wild kat is stiff and rigid, yet stylishly serious about defending its owner.

The Wild Kat Keychain measures 3″ tall x 2″ wide. The “purrfect” self-protection tool for self-defense. Inexpensive attaches to your keychain, and “means” business.

The Wild Kat Keychain is not a toy but is in fact, a very serious defense weapon. Place your middle and ring finger through the eye-sockets with the sharp, pointed ears pointed towards the attacker.

Aim the sharp ears of the Wild Kat Keychain into the attacker’s hands, collar bone, ribs, hip bone, knee or ankle bone. The sharp-eared Wild Kat Keychain states to an attacker – Leave me Alone.

Wild Kat Keychains

The Wild Kat Keychain is made of an ultra-tough, durable plastic material.
This close-quarter self-defense weapon makes an excellent gift for any woman. Hook to your keychain, and you will always have the protection you need.

While the group “Individual Defensive Tactics” says Wild Kat Keychains are legal in most states, you should probably check with your local police department.

Deadliest feature: They might look cute, but those ears are sharp. You just stick your hands in the eyes of the Wild Kat Keychain and stab or slice the assailant’s wrists, elbows, neck or other vital areas of the body.

Available in 10 Vibrant colors. Red, Black, Clear, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, and Green.



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Black, Red, Clear, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Green

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