Streetwise Personal Protection Alarm


This Streetwise Personal Protection Alarm may be secured to a belt or clothing with the included belt clip or attached to a purse with the included lanyard. When the safety pin is removed from the alarm the loud, piercing 130-decibel alarm will sound.



When the safety pin is pulled from the alarm, the loud piercing 130-decibel siren will sound. The Streetwise Personal Protection Alarm helps protect you against robbery with its ear-piercing 130 dB alarm.

Streetwise 130 dB Personal Alarm


  • Ear piercing alarm
  • This alarm will sound for up to 2 continuous hours. 
  • Compact size is great for home or travel: With a durable plastic shell and small size - measures 3 inches x 2 and one-eighths inches x 1 and the one-eighths inches-this alarm is perfect for keeping yourself and your property safe.  


  • One 9-volt battery.


  • Streetwise Personal Alarm
  • Safety pin with lanyard

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