Sprinkler Head Diversion Safes

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Never worry about leaving your keys behind and being left out in the cold or heat. The Sprinkler Head Diversion Safe is made from a real sprinkler head. Just place it into the ground of your lawn or garden.




Sprinkler Head Key Hider Diversion Safe

The Sprinkler Head Diversion Safes are made from a real sprinkler system head, so it looks real, and no one will ever suspect your hiding place. It blends so well into your yard or garden that no one will ever think that you had a spare key hidden inside. Never worry about leaving your keys behind or being stuck out in the cold. Only you and your family members will know the secret location where the key is hidden. Please note that this item is not a functional sprinkler head. In addition to being small and compact, it's also virtually undetectable by would-be robbers. We recommend that you place this away from your door so that when you have to retrieve your keys, it appears as though you're merely checking the sprinkler system. 

Sprinkle burglars with empty dreams and hands.

  • Realistic look - made from a real sprinkler head
  • Waterproof and virtually indestructible
  • Enough room for keys, spare money or a small document.


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