Slider Stun Gun Flashlight


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The SLIDER is a “mini” stun gun flashlight that is a potent electronic self-defense device. This stun gun flashlight is the size and appearance of a standard flash drive only it delivers 10 million volts of stunning stopping power.



The Slider Stun Gun Flashlight with 10 million volts is miniature self-defense that fits on a key-chain. The stun gun flashlight looks just like an ordinary flash drive. Subsequently, the Slider consistently delivers 10 million volts of criminal-stopping power. Don't be deceived by its small size. You will be "shocked" by the power of the SLIDER stun gun flashlight.

Therefore, the Slider is a seriously potent 4.9 milliamp stunning powerhouse self-defense product.

Dimensions: 3 1/2 inches x 1 inch x 1/2 inch.

The SLIDER is slim, compact, and stunningly powerful. This discreet personal defense device is quick, easy to carry and handle and will drop an attacker to the ground in seconds!

To activate the shocking mechanism slide the thumb-switch forward to release 4.9  milliamps of electricity. This self-defense device will make any would-be attacker think twice before bothering you. 

This Slider Stun Gun Flashlight includes a wrist strap for added security. The Slider casing is of the highest quality aircraft aluminum.

Consequently, there are 1000 milliamps in 1 AMP. One full AMP is a fatal amount of current.

These potent, useful Stun Guns are the ones with 4.9 milliamps. You won’t find a stun gun over five milliamps. The SLIDER Stun Gun is mighty and will put an attacker on their rear when continuous contact with the skin of the subject for 3 to 5 seconds.

How to Use the Slider Stun Gun Flashlight:

To release the 10 Million Volts of electricity, simply slide the thumb-switch forward. When you let go of your power on the thumb-switch, it retracts to its normal position.

The Slider is available in five different colors: Blue, Black, Pink, Gold, and Silver

Thus when released the Slider Stun Gun Flashlight features a quick charging mini-USB port for convenient charging from most cell phone chargers.

  • LED Flashlight
  • Wrist Strap
  • Mini USB Port
  • Charger
  • Charging Cord
  • 3 1/2 inches x 1 inch x 1/2 inches

Product ID: 19-20

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