Rubber Handle Telescopic Batons


The Expandable Telescopic Baton is an effective self-defense weapon for personal protection and comes in 26″, 21″ or 16″ lengths. Many times, merely having a baton will be enough of a deterrent to getting any predator to back down and leave you alone.



These Rubber Handle Telescopic Batons are an effective self-defense weapon for personal protection. They are available in three lengths; 16 inches, 21 inches and 26 inches, which makes them perfect for anybody. Many times, simply having a baton will be enough of a deterrent for getting any predator to back down and leave you alone. But if you do need to use it, it is a non-lethal weapon. This allows you peace of mind in knowing you are protecting yourself without the use of deadly force. This baton is easy as easy to use as it is to carry. It folds up into a very portable size so that you can keep it with you at all times. All it takes is a simple flick of your wrist to open up the baton to its full sixteen-inch size.

The weapon is made out of solid steel and has a truly formidable appearance when opened at maximum length. The tip of the baton is designed to provide a substantial impact when it is swung at any target, so it can quickly stop an attacker.

The length of the weapon lets you use it against a predator at a distance, so they won't be able to strike back, and the rubberized handle makes keeping your grip incredibly comfortable. Batons - designed for personal protection against out-of-control individuals. This protection stick makes it possible to maintain a distance between you and the predator.

Rubber Handle Telescopic Batons Features:

  • Solid steel batons in 3 sizes: 16 inches, 21 inches, and 26 inches
  • expand with just a flick of the wrist
  • With padded foam or textured rubber handle for secure grip
  • nylon holster with belt loop
  • Fits perfectly in your boot or next to you in your car

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26 Inch, 21 Inch, 16 Inch


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