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Police Force Tactical SAP Gloves

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Police Force Tactical SAP Gloves are durable SAP gloves with 7 oz. of steel shot in the knuckles! SAP Tactical Self Defense gloves improve punching power and protect your wrist and forearm. Police Force SAP gloves make a formidable self-defense weapon.


The Police Force Tactical SAP Gloves on this site are self-defense gloves that contain 7 ounces of steel shot. These double-layered goatskin leather gloves are for longevity, punching power and for protecting your wrist and forearm.

These Police Force Tactical Sap Large Gloves have 7 oz. of steel shot sewn into the knuckles.

Protect Yourself with the Power of the Police Force SAP gloves. These ordinary-looking gloves are to reinforce your fists for everyday use without causing suspicion.

Police Force Tactical Sap Gloves

Should you need protection these leather gloves with 7 oz steel shot will most certainly put a “hurt” on an individual who thinks you are an easy target.

Also perfect for wearing while on motorcycles to protect from road burn in case of an accident.

Self Defense Gloves

  • Convenient Size Chart: For your benefit, there is a size chart on the back of the packaging. Large: 9 1/2″-10″ X-Large: 10 1/2″-11″
  • 7oz. of Steel Shot: This high-quality pair of SAP Gloves has 7 ounces of steel shot strategically sewn into the knuckles to enhance punching power and protect your knuckles from impact
  • Genuine Goatskin Leather: Double-Layered Genuine Goatskin Leather palms for maximum durability
  • Breathable Spandex: For comfort & elasticity to fit your hands perfectly
  • Additional Padding: Protects your fingers
  • Velcro Strap: Loop Wrist Closure with Velcro for secure fit
  • Design: The look and feel of ordinary gloves
  • Lifetime Warranty: The SAP Gloves are made of the highest quality components and come with a lifetime warranty. See the enclosed instructions for complete details.


  • Left & Right Police Force Tactical SAP Gloves – Large

Police Force Tactical Steel Shot Gloves (available in Large and X-Large)

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