Plain Site Diversion Safes



Store your Diversion Safes in the decorum natural for that product. Brand name replicas of common food and pantry items such as Del Monte, Jolly Time, Pringles, and more.



Plain Site Diversion Safes are unique home-security products that guard your valuables in their natural settings. Diversion safes are unique home-security products. 

Check out our Plain Site "Food Diversion Safes" such as Jolly Time Pop Corn, Del Monte Mixed Vegetables, and Kibbles 'n Bits, to name a few.

Only a very inquisitive burglar would even consider rummaging through your pets dog food "Kibbles 'n Bits," for your valuables.

Plain Site Diversion Safes

Put the odds in your favor... hide your valuables in plain sight. The Jolly Time diversion safe is a unique home-security product. With the Diversion Food Safe, you are getting known brand names, such as Dole, Del-Monte, Kraft Foods and others.

Valuables can be discreetly stored inside these look-a-like containers and kept in their seemingly rightful places. Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full.

Store your Diversion Safes in the decorum natural for that product.

Plain Site Diversion Safes

  • Discreetly store valuables in everyday containers that blend in with other items on shelves.
  • With removable tops or bottoms
  • Indistinguishable from the genuine product
  • Thieves look for hidden valuables, so conceal them in ordinary-looking "diversion safes."
  • Weighted to feel full

Stash away your valuables in an authentic food can where you'll be the only one aware of its secret compartment.

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