PHAZZer Dragon Conductive Energy Weapon


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The Dragon (CEW) utilizes electric current to neutralize and disable an attackers’ voluntary muscle control. The Phazzer Dragon is available in Black “on” Black, Gray on Black, Silver on Black, Pink on Black





The PhaZZer Dragon Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) is a less lethal law enforcement-level self-defense weapon that provides the same active take-down power as any Electronic Control Device (ECD) on the market.

***Unlike our competitor, PhaZZer® Does Not require any Activation/Registration (per ATF and U.S. DOJ)

***PhaZZer® Does Not conduct a background check

PhaZZer® Dragon CEW is similar in operation and effect compared to all Taser® Electronic Control Devices (ECDs). PhaZZer® CEW Ammunition is compatible with all Taser X26 and Taser M26 ECDs. PhaZZer offers five variations of ammunition cartridges, including Dart Pro 15 foot (4.5 meters); Pepper Ball® 30 foot (9.1 meters); Rubber Bullet 30 foot (9.1 meters); Paint Ball 30 foot (9.1 meters); and Multi-Target Pepper Powder 8 foot (2.6 meters). All PhaZZer projectiles have an average velocity of 155 feet per second (fps).

The Phazzer Dragon is a projectile shooting style of stun gun reaching distances up to 15 feet.

PhaZZer® Dragon CEW was designed to be easy to carry and simple to use. Strictly for self-defense purposes. When you slide the safety into the armed position, the device is ready to deploy an incapacitating pulse technology that interrupts the voluntary muscle control of the nervous system upon 2-5 seconds of contact with the target. Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology has shown to be effective against any sized individuals, including those under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The Phazzer Dragon Projectile Stun Gun is available in Black, Dark Grey, Silver, Pink

PhaZZer® Dragon CEW uses replaceable cartridges containing compressed nitrogen that deploy two small dart probes attached to insulated conductive wires extending to max 15 feet (4.5 meters) for civilians. PhaZZer® Ammunition Cartridges have been professionally tested and proven to be universally compatible with all Taser® X26 and Taser® M26 ECD models. PhaZZer® does not void any warranties if a Non-PhaZZer brand ammunition cartridge is deployed from any PhaZZer® CEW. High Voltage is sent over the wires into the dart probes.

The electro-shock pulse can penetrate up to two accumulative inches of clothing, giving you a safe, convenient, and effective self-defense weapon you can carry with confidence as a less lethal option. The charge transmits between the two probes into the body, interrupting sensory and motor functions to inhibit muscular control. This Neuro Muscular Incapacitation effect continues in 10-second cycles for the PhaZZer® Dragon and can also be used as a hand-to-hand drive stun device independent of dart deployment.

PhaZZer Dragon- Effectiveness

PhaZZer® CEWs are one of the only less-lethal self-defense products allow you to take control of your safety with the ability to manage a potential physical threat efficiently. Patent Pending alternative PhaZZer CEW ammunition options offers a non-lethal versatility only available through the PhaZZer® brand.

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