Nylon Handcuff Carrier

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Nylon Handcuff Carrier made from sturdy Ballistic Nylon and is designed to fit one pair of chained handcuffs. This carrier has a Full Flap Closure with Front Snap.  SKU: TK527 The nylon handcuff carrier is perfect to carry all your police handcuffs.




The Nylon Handcuff Carrier is made from sturdy black nylon and fits one pair of chained handcuffs. The handcuff carrier has a rigid design along with a padded and lined interior. The 360-degree nylon binding holds up to repetitive use of the hard snap closure. The handcuff carrier makes for a perfect addition to your police and military equipment wardrobe and fits up to a 2.25" belt. 

As you know, criminals do not always surrender and come quietly once apprehended. Handcuffs are an absolute necessity to ensure that you, the law enforcement officer and the public remain safe.

Nylon Handcuff Carrier Specs:

  • Full Flap Closure
  • Sturdy Ballistic Nylon
  • Front Snap
  • Fits Single Cuff
  • Full-size belt loop


Product ID: 19-16

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Single or Double

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