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Our incredible STAR WARRIOR STUN GUN BATON is the best of all that is available! It features a new futuristic 21st-century design and technology. O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun 150,000v.



The O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun has 150,000 volts with both a 19 inch or 23-inch version and an attached wristband. Compliant with Canadian Laws that require Stun Devices to measure 480mm. The O-Mega arc's along the entire shaft of stun baton uses only two 9v batteries. This is a very powerful stun baton.

Our incredible Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun is the best! It features a new futuristic 21st-century design and technology. It is ferocious and will take an assailant down! The O-Mega Stun Baton is used by law enforcement professionals, soldiers and animal control experts around the world.

There is nothing comparable to this stun baton! It is indeed impressive, frightening and intimidating. It puts out 150,000 volts, in truth (many other companies advertise high voltages, but they are merely deceiving the buyer). O-Mega designs our Stun Guns for maximum AMPERAGE. We are the only company with a thorough medical report by Dr. Robert Stratbucker, M.D., Ph.D., who has informed us that voltages above an exact 150,000 volts could cause a brain embolism, and cause death.

Please see our report. The most incredible stun baton manufactured! The 19 inch Star Warrior Stun Baton has 150,000-volt arcs running up and down the entire unit above the handle. It is an impressive sight! You can hit the assailant from any angle, and he will go down with this stun baton.

The Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun has also been featured in several movies including Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Con Air and The Last Boy Scout.

  • NON-PROJECTILE STUN GUN: Considered the best engineered and most potent Stun Gun on the market. Featured in the movies "Demolition Man," "Con-Air," and "The Last Boy Scout."
  • The entire shaft is electrified 360 degrees around the axis so you can't miss, and you dare someone to try and grab it from you.
  • 150,000v (Legal Max Amps). Uses 2 Regular 9v Duracell Batteries. We say "No," too cheap rechargeable batteries.
  • Used widely by militaries, law enforcement, security and animal control agencies.
  • Self-defense from street crime and stop vicious animal attacks. Long Non-Projectile Stun Gun: Approx 480mm. (19 inches.)


O-Mega Stun guns are the oldest stun gun company in America. In 1985 they began selling their first two models. Their non-lethal weapons are now widely used by police agencies around the world. O-Mega takes their job seriously and has researched to prove that their products are humane and safe, while still helping people to protect themselves. In fact, they have never had a complaint filed against them. O-Mega's stun guns leave no long-term damage to the person that it was used on.

O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun features:

  • 150,000 volts
  • Uses two 9 volt Duracell Batteries – rechargeable batteries can be unreliable at times, so this weapon forgoes their use altogether. The cells can last for over 100 stuns or carries a 5-year shelf life it not used.
  • 19 inches – This stun baton allows you to hit your attacker with the baton as opposed to pressing the weapon against them like a traditional stun gun.
  • Offers almost a 360 degree electrified area. The entire shaft of the weapon is electrified, meaning you don’t have to work to hit your attacker.
  • This stun baton turns on with a simple switch on the handle. This makes it easy to switch on quickly when holding the device.

People who buy the O-Mega Star Warrior Stun Gun are very pleased with it. Many people understand that because the O-Mega Star Warrior Stun Gun has heftiness about it; this stun baton is ideal should you be forced to hit your target with it, while not needing to be entirely within arm’s reach. Knowing that your stun baton will “hold-up” under the stress of using it as a baton to smack a charging, violent dog or person is extremely important. You can maintain a small distance while stopping an attacker or wild animal.

You are not going to be counting on your defense product to protect you and have it malfunction or be so lightweight that it won’t stop the threat to your life. I want a strong, powerful weapon when I have to face a charging pit bull or a lunatic assailant who plans on having his way-with-me or killing me.

Stun guns that “run-off” rechargeable batteries are not as powerful as the battery operated O-Mega Stun Guns! A chief complaint about many stun guns is their lack of ability to hold a charge. This is not a problem when you can put new batteries in if needed.

Summary of the O-Mega Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun

The O-Mega Star Warrior Stun Gun is one of the best on the market. It is reliable, and because it uses batteries, there was not one complaint about someone receiving a product that did not work. This baton is heavy enough to use as a club if the batteries have run out and you forgot to change them, but with a shelf life of 5 years, that is not likely to happen.

The 19-inch length of the O-Mega Star Warrior provides you with a “reach-zone” between you and the attacker. I do not want an attacker to be able to put their hands on me. The additional length of the stun baton, as well as the 360-degree charge, allows you to quickly hit your target.


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