Stun Master 3,000,000 Volt Lipstick Stun Gun


Please carry the concealable 3 Million Volts Stun Master Stun Gun, at all times. The Stun Master Lipstick stun gun is small, portable, with a built-in flashlight. Protect yourself at all times; carry this nonchalant looking personal defense product.



Don't let this 3 Million volt stun gun from Stun Master, fool you! You most certainly won't want to be on the "business-end" of the Stun Master 3,000,000 Volt Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight. The 3,000,000 volts of power this stun gun rechargeable can deliver, is a serious self-defense shock.

This Stun Master stun gun packs a whopping 3 Million Volts with 4.1 Milliamps of blistering take-down power.  It is a favorite among the ladies looking to be packing an effective, disguised personal defense weapon. The Stun Master Lipstick stun gun rechargeable is only 5 inches tall, so it is easy to conceal in your pocket or purse.

Lipstick Stun Gun

The Stun Master 3,000,000 volt Lipstick Stun Gun with Flashlight is secretly disguised in a decorative tube of lipstick and has 4.2 milliamps of power. This self-defense product innovative design makes it one of the coolest yet stern stun guns on the market. This "self-defense tube" is unique and super portable. The canister is 5" x 1" inches tall, and whether you're carrying an oversized purse or an evening clutch, this stun gun goes wherever you go... for your safety, convenience, and "peace of mind."

Stun Master 3,000,000 Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun Features:

The Bright Flashlight for those dark evenings or spaces. If an attacker approaches, this bright flashlight can be used to blind them, while you run to safety. Available in 5 colors Black, Pink, Red, Gold, and Purple.

Power Source:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery, recharging cord, and an integrated charger.
  • Recharging Cord for recharging the battery
  • Two-button functionality - One button operates the flashlight, the other the Stun Gun function.

Lifetime Warranty

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