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Stun Master Lil Guy 12,000,000 volts Stun Gun W/flashlight and Nylon Holster. This little stun gun is small and compact with 4.4 milliamps depending on the freshness of the batteries. It has a super bright LED flashlight built in charger and comes with a nylon case.



The Stun Master Lil Guy Stun Flashlight is the newest model and has a higher voltage output with 12,000,000 volts! The Li'l Guy Stun devices are small, compact and have 4.4 milliamps of power. It has a super bright LED flashlight with a built-in charger. It also includes a nylon case and has a rubberized coating for a nonslip grip.

The Lil Guy Stun Flashlight is compact and easily held; it measures a mere 3 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/4″. Don’t let the name "Lil Guy" fool you though. The Li'l Guy stun gun is a "narrow" stun gun that you can wrap your hand around to maintain a good grip in an altercation. Also, the small size makes it much better to conceal your stun gun until you are ready to surprise your target.

The Lil Guy Stun Flashlight Specs:

  • Super Bright 120 Lumens LED Flashlight
  • Built-In Retractable Charger (no cord to lose, no batteries to buy)
  • Uses built-in Lithium-Ion Batteries, no memory issues like Ni-Cad and they last much longer (can be recharged 900 times)
  • Heavy Duty Prongs That Won't Break
  • Has A Rubberized Coating For A Non-Slip Grip
  • It Measures only 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4"
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes a FREE Upgraded Nylon Holster

The Lil Guy Stun Flashlight is one great little stun gun with a tiny form factor and large bite! I like this stun gun for its small, yet grip-able size and its rubber skin. The combination makes this stun gun easy to use and an excellent choice for anyone who wants a stun gun taser for self-defense. There's a beast inside just waiting to be released. Press the shock button, and the Lil Guy rushes 12,000,000 volts into your attacker. The safety switch is off when in the down position. Slide it to the middle for the super bright LED flashlight. Pressing the trigger when in the up position releases the shocking surprise for your target.

Stun Gun Restrictions

We do not ship stun guns or tasers to DC, NY, IN, HI, MA, MI, RI or outside the USA. Also, we cannot ship stun guns to Chicago, IL., Baltimore or Annapolis, MD., Baltimore and Howard counties, MD., Denison, IA., or D.C. In Illinois, you must have a Firearms ID card to possess a taser or stun gun.

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