Keychain Defender 3 Pack


The 3 Part Key Chain Defender Pack is perfect for those who want that EXTRA protection Close at Hand Including 1 x Heatwave Pepper Spray, 0.5oz in Denim Leather Holster, 1 x Wild KAT Self defense Key-chain Light Blue and a 20000000 Volt, Mini Smack Stun.



The Keychain Defender 3 Pack is a "multi-defense personal keychain" and is for those dangerous times when a triple response approach is necessary.

For Triple Threat Defense - look no further than the Keychain Defender 3 Pack

The Wild Kat Keychain is effective when an attacker has violated your "personal space" and is still coming. The Wild Kay Keychain is not a toy but instead a "serious" self-defense weapon when your life is endangered.

The 0.5-ounce pepper spray will make an attacker extremely regretful up to a distance of ten to twelve feet.

The SMACK Stun Guns are small in size but enormous in Stopping Power. When it comes to personal defense devices of the non-lethal version; the 20,000,000 Volt, Mini Smack Stun stun device is no match for a perpetrator. Need to light your path to prevent stepping or tripping over a "leg-breaker?"

Different situations require a variety of optional self-defense devices which are immediately accessible and at "fingers-reach." That's why the Keychain Defender 3 Pack includes a 0.5 Heatwave Pepper Spray. The Super Hot Heatwave brand is 15% OC, guaranteed to leave your attacker(s) on the ground, giving you plenty of time for an escape to safety.

  • 18% Red Pepper 5% Black Pepper for a Total of 23% OC
  • 1/2 OZ Pepper Spray = up to 6, 1 Second Burst
  • 8 -10 Ft. Range
  • Proudly made in the U. S. A.

We here at PDM Self Defense have just what you need for personal defense in dangerous encounters.

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