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Guard Dog Jogger Pepper Spray

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Guard Dog InstaFire Pepper Spray is ideal for Running and Jogging with a defense spray at the ready at all times! The Guard Dog InstaFire Hand Sleeve is high-quality pepper spray uses a tension-fabric polyester that ergonomically resists sweat. Not even weather conditions like rain and snow can negatively affect this material. Air can quickly pass through the material, keeping your hand clean, dry and fresh. The tension-fabric makes for a comfortable and active experience. At 18% concentration, Guard Dog’s InstaFire is the hottest “burn” available. With a firing range of up to 12 feet and enough hot pepper spray for multiple shots, ..

Stay Protected While Staying Active with the Guard Dog InstaFire Jogger Pepper Spray.

The Twist-Top pepper spray is SAFE, FAST and POWERFUL. Guard Dog’s 18% OC pepper spray is one of the hottest in the world. It is laboratory tested and made in the United States. A quick spray is enough to disable any assailant from head-to-toe. Each actuator doubles as a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, yet easy enough to activate in a quick one-finger motion. What makes Guard Dog Pepper Sprays so Effective?


16% Oleoresin Capsicum, or red pepper which is the primary ingredient which causes the “burn” factor.

INSTAFIRE – Activewear Pepper Spray Hand Sleeve w/Can – Sleek, non-abrasive pepper spray hand sleeve!

Invisible UV  Dye: 

After spraying, this causes an “invisible” dye on the assailants. The UV Dye enables law enforcement to identify the assailant successfully. An attacker will not succeed in attempting to wash off the substance.

Multiple colored sleeves and accessories are available.

Firing Range:

  • Up to 16 feet distance and 7-9 one-second bursts ensure your target is hit.

Guard Dog Security also offers a Protected 4 LIFE Guarantee. Which means: FREE PEPPER SPRAY FOR LIFE! Simply return any unused portion after complete or partial discharge. In the event of use, we will replace your Guard Dog pepper spray with a real brand new one, for free and for life. An industry-exclusive offering, because there should never be a question if you have enough to defend yourself.






Pink, Red, Blue, Black, Extreme Pink, Extreme Black

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