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Flat-End Kubotans

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Flat-End Kubotan keychain is an effective self defense weapon. Choosing the right kubotan and learning to use it rightly will definitely improve your safety.


.Kubotan keychain is one of the most effective self defense weapons. Choosing the right kubotan and learning to use it right will definitely improve your safety.

The Flat-End Kubotans are useful for stabilizing your fist, applying pressure to sensitive parts of the assailant’s body, or gaining leverage on the assailant’s wrist or fingers.

Kubatons will break bones, damage soft tissue, and nerve points. A “kubotan” can cause temporary paralysis and extreme pain. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and easy to learn how to use as self-defense techniques.

The Kubotan (sometimes spelled as Kubaton or Kubotan) self-defense keychain is a close-quarter self-defense weapon, by Takayuki Kubota.

• Size 5″ x 1/2″
• COLOR: Black, Silver, Blue, and Red
• Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum

A Kubotan is just a rod of a hard material, any restrictive regulation would most likely be ambiguous and undefined due to the ability for any common item to be used in a kubotan-like fashion. In this respect, the Kubotan can be substituted by everyday items such as hairbrushes, pens, markers, flashlights, small wooden dowels and even electronic cigarettes. Metal pens (i.e. tactical pens) are also sometimes marketed as substitutes for the Kubotan.

Blunt-End Kubotans

Once you decide to use Flat-End Kubotans against an attacker, you must continue striking until the attacker gives up their attempt to hurt you. You must disable the attacker. The keychain attachment keeps if firmly in your grip. Flat-end Kubotans significantly increase the power of any strike.

Kubotans Target areas:

Groin, stomach, solar plexus, throat, the back of the hand, wrists, elbows, collarbone, hip bone, kneecap, or ankle bone.

Also, a sharp strike to a bony part of an attacker’s body will encourage them to stop their attack.

A hard, well-placed blow can easily break bones which are not covered by clothing. Make strikes at the at bones, poke at soft tissue and pressure points. Kubotans (flat ended) are potent weapons and are effective when swung in addition to your keys. By jabbing your keys at an attackers face, or punching the tip into sensitive areas of the body, an attacker will retreat in pain. A kubaton in the palm of your hand adds excellent leverage to your wrist. You can punch the tip into sensitive areas of the attacker’s body.

Kubatons are typically made of aluminum and come in various colors and have pointed or flat tips at one end and a key ring at the other end. The keychain attachment allows you to attach this self-defense product to your keychain.



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