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ASP DUTY Handcuff Carrier – BasketWeave

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ASP Handcuff Cases are a Benchmade blend of the finest materials in a series of clean, functional designs. ASP Duty Handcuff Carriers in 3 designs; such as Plain, BasketWeave, Ballistic. BasketWeave Leather – HCA-DTYBW

The ASP DUTY Handcuff Carrier is a Benchmade blend of the finest materials in a series of clean, functional designs. Each DUTY Handcuff Carrier incorporates an integral back pocket an auxiliary handcuff key. Duty, Double, and Federal carriers are available in Black BasketWeave, Ballistic, and ASPtec.     

Basketweave Leather

Fits Most Belts

Carry Chain or Hinged Cuffs

ASP Quality

Product ID: 1916

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