Drink Diversion Safe – AZ Iced Tea


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Put the odds in your favor…hide your valuables in plain sight. Drink diversion safes are a unique home-security product. Brand name replicas of popular…



AZ Iced Tea - Diversion Safe

Drink Diversion Safe - AZ Iced Tea stash safes will keep your valuables hidden away in plain sight. Ideal for home, cars, gym bag and dorm rooms!

Put the odds in your favor by hiding your treasures in plain sight. Diversion safes make it possible to store your valuables inside hidden compartments discreetly. These look-a-like containers need to be kept in their seemingly rightful places; otherwise, they will draw unwanted attention.

Interior Safe Dimensions - 1" x 3  7/8"

Replica "Product Safes" are popular because these diversion safes are modified from the real product. The hidden compartment is invisible within the AZ Iced Tea Diversion Safe.

Place your valuables inside original product container "safes." Won't quench your thirst, but will defeat thieves from finding your valuables.

  • Diversion Safes Drink - Arizona Iced Tea
  • Brand Name Replicas
  • Weighted to Feel Full
  • Store in Plain Sight
  • Unique Security Product

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