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The ASP Street Defender is made of precision machined high strength aerospace aluminum. Each ASP Street Defender OC Pepper Spray unit contains one proprietary (3 oz) insert. Three defense tools in one; key flail, mini-baton, and OC Spray. 15 grams of OC – 6.5″ Length



ASP Street Defender OC Pepper Spray - lightweight, low profile, and highly efficient. The Straight line activation places a cone-shaped spray of Oleoresin Capsicum, on the target. Each ASP Street Defender Texture Pepper Spray unit contains one proprietary (3 oz) insert.

Performance is paramount to a person's safety. An attacker isn't going to give anyone a second chance to activate their self-defense product.

ASP was founded in 1976 by Kevin Parsons. So, for over a quarter century, ASP has directed a quest for excellence in product innovation and equipment design.

The texture unit non-lethal weapon will distract and deter many people long enough for you to get away.

Made in the USA

  • 10% Oleoresin Capsicum formulation
  • Entire unit is O-ring sealed
  • Capacity is 30, one-half second bursts
  • 6.25 Inches Long
  • 15 Grams 10% OC
  • Quick Safety Release
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • This item is not for sale in certain states

ASP Street Defender Pepper Spray 15 Gram Aerosol Aerospace Aluminum Body Includes Key Ring 10% OC


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