ASP 26″ FEDERAL SLIDE Baton Holder


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The ASP Federal 26″ Baton Holder overcomes the difficulties associated with traditional baton carriers. This Baton Scabbard is fashioned with the polymer technology of the finest firearms. The scabbards will not easily mar or show wear.



ASP Federal Slide Scabbards are secure and lightweight. They rotate to 12 distinct positions. The slide scabbard attaches to your belt and has a plain Black Finish.

The Federal Series retains a retracted or expanded ASP Baton. These slide scabbards are designed for those officers who prefer a closed front carrier. Rotating belt loop scabbards are secure and light weight.  The slide scabbards rotate to 12 distinct positions.

ASP Model 52638

Federal Slide Baton Holder

Closed Front Carrier

Attachment System: Belt

Plain Black Finish

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Weight 0.35 lbs