ARMA 100 – Alternative to Lethal Force


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The ARMA 100 is an excellent less lethal device which will put the attacker on the ground, without injury. The Nitrogen powered bean-bag-device from ARMA USA. Best Alternative to TASER, Stun Gun, and Pepper Spray.



The Arma 100 - Best Alternative to Lethal Force. This Nitrogen powered bean-bag-device from ARMA cares about people's safety. This less-lethal product will convince a law violator to surrender without harm or further unpleasantness. Best Alternative to TASER, Stun Gun, and Pepper Spray.

Safety Feature

A standard mechanical feature along with the "cocking mechanism" makes operating this product difficult for a child.

With significant reduced recoil or kickback, the “slighter-built” person need not worry about losing their balance or being injured after firing the ARMA 100.

ARMA 100 - Best Alternative to Lethal Force - ARMA USA

The ARMA 100 makes it possible for the user to stop an offender, in their tracks. It is highly effective, versatile, and economical. The Arma 100 makes a great "travel buddy" for truckers and home defense.

ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun

When the bean bag hits the "human target" in the chest or upper abdomen, the human hit the ground. There is no need to allow an offender to approach you any closer than 20 feet. One idea for using the ARMA 100 is its effectiveness and alternative to causing significant injury.

There are a few people who have tried to attribute the "electric shock" from a TASER; to have adversely affected them. Many of the people have preexisting health issues.

Public Safety - ARMA 100

Tthe ARMA 100 is safer than electric shock devices. This "Bean Bag projectile device" is why law enforcement is interested in this highly capable device. The ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun reduces the adverse n public safety.

The propulsive force for the ARMA 100 is a Nitrogen Cylinder. For training purposes, use C02 cylinders. The Nitrogen cylinder can launch a variety of payloads. A reusable three-inch bean bag will discourage animals or persons. The "beanbag" ammo contains metal shot.

This personal self-defense product provides a true knockout power, without causing permanent injury. The use of deadly force can put you in legal jeopardy.

The ARMA 100 is highly efficient, versatile, and cost-effective. Replaceable nitrogen gas cylinders - in place of gunpowder. If necessary, the Arma would make a dominant, intimidating "bat/type" weapon after you shoot your first beanbag.

Our society is no longer a safe community. Ugly “surprises” happen every day, anytime, and to anyone.

Key Benefits -  ARMA 100 Bean Bag

1. Law Enforcement trusted Civilian BATF Approved

2. Safest less lethal product available

3. Highly efficient knockdown power up to 20 feet

4. Easy, fast, and safe reloading

5. Legal to carry loaded

6. No license or background check needed

Dimensions - Non-Lethal Weapon - ARMA 100

The ARMA 100 is equipped with two safety features: a standard mechanical safety feature as well as a "cocking mechanism" designed to make operation difficult for a child. The ARMA 100 is the NEW DEFINITION in less-lethal self-defense products today.

Product Specifications

1. Model - ARMA 100

2. Device Type - 37 mm Payload Delivery System (PDS)

3. Propellant - Single use 23-gram Nitrogen cylinders. With adapter kit use of Nitrogen or CO2

4. Barrel Length - 10″

5. Overall Length - 18″ (45.625 cm)

6. Weight - 1.5 lbs. unloaded

7. Target Range - 0-75′ Viable range, depending on the application

8. Maximum Range - Up to 225′, depending on the application

9. Velocity  - 60 fps using CO2; 135 fps using nitrogen gas 3″

Diameter Beanbag - Payload - ARMA 100

135 fps using nitrogen and bean bag gun.

Effectiveness - Less Lethal Weapon - ARMA 100

The ARMA 100 will convince a law violator to surrender, without injury or further unpleasantness.


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