3 Piece Personal Protection Pack


The 3 Piece Personal Protection Pack could give you the upper hand if the circumstances have turned dangerous.



The 3 Piece Personal Protection Pack gives* you the upper hand if and when circumstances turn dangerous. The 3 Part Personal Protection pack has everything you need to defend yourself. This protection pack will draw attention to the situation which can draw the attention of emergency personnel or passers-by.

Great for college campuses, late night office work or just for peace of mind.

The three-piece personal protection pack includes:

  • 1/2oz HeatWave Pepper Spray -  in the form of a tube of Lipstick for discreet carry. The 12 Feet Stream has a Bright ORANGE dye to stain the attacker and also a UV dye that lasts for up to 3 days for identification.

  • Wild Kat Defensive Key Chain - perfect for when attackers are too close for comfort and a surprise blow is required!

  • Personal Alarm with bright LED Light - will keep you safe anywhere. The high-decibel alarm makes attackers think twice and calls people to your aid.

The 3 Piece Personal Protection Pack is currently available in Pink/Purple or Black.

*With proper training or knowledge of personal safety equipment and devices.

Please Note that the Box/Case is NOT included. Wild Kat Keychains are not available to purchase through PayPal.

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Purple, Black


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