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Taser rebrand as Axon – TASER-Axon.

The police use TASER use devices to incapacitate an unruly person temporarily.

Axon is the name of the company’s line of body cameras.

Moreover, all units fire a 50,000-volt charge from a distance of up to 15 feet. TASER cartridges work anywhere on the body. Unlike other personal defense options that have a specified target area of effectiveness.

TASER-Axon Devices

As a result, the TASER-Axon is one of the best self-defense products you can buy for women or men. Legal in most states without a permit.

The TASER Pulse is an efficient tool of protection for you and your family. The PULSE has a proficient range of 15 FT.

Furthermore, the TASER Bolt can provide you with a 30-second head start to escape a would-be attacker. This self-defense tool is also discrete and convenient to carry.

Axon (AKA – TASER) has their base of operations in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here is where they continue to develop technology-based weapons for self-defense.

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