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Shop expandable and telescopic tactical batons, nightsticks, collapsible batons and more. Foam and rubber handles, carbon steel, leather gloves, and more. For Military, Police and Civilian use as a non-lethal personal protection device.

Need effective impact weapons for personal defense? Truncheons, nightsticks or billy-clubs are in essence sticks of less than an arms-length. They are usually of wood, plastic, or metal.

These elongated self-defense products secure a distance between you and the attacker. In short, a defensive baton may be a significant intermediate force level defensive tool.

Non-Lethal Impact Weapons

Non-lethal self-defense products such as Impact Baton Weapons are lightweight and make useful deterrent defense devices. Impact Baton Weapons extend the reach of the holder and puts more distance between you and an attacker. If you need a non-lethal impact weapon for work or personal defense, check out our full assortment of tactical batons here at PDM Self Defense.

State Tactical Baton Laws

While each state has their laws on the ownership and use of tactical batons, here is a guide to fundamental state laws. After reviewing this article, we highly recommend that you research your local laws before purchasing.

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