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Stun Devices are a Direct Contact Weapon, also known as Electronic Control Devices or ECDs, that output an electric shock. They must generate enough energy (volts) to fend off an attacker so you can escape.

A quality stun gun provides a high level of pain-inducing power. A stun gun isn’t useful if it won’t fend off an attacker.

Amps refer to the volume of electric current that runs through a stun gun. Volts regard to the force of which the electricity is providing. Think of this concept as water in a pipe. Amps are the volume of water and Volts is the water’s pressure.

We carry tactical stun guns, compact and concealable model ECD’s as well as a variety that include tactical flashlight capabilities.

The most powerful yet safe stun gun devices are rated at 4.9 to 5.0 milliamps!

The typically accepted, maximum safe level for amperage in the human body is 5 milliamps (mA).

State Laws for Stun Devices

Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding the sale, purchase, ownership, and use of Electronic Control Devices.

Please review this article on Stun Gun State Laws before considering a purchase. We also encourage you to check with local law enforcement agencies personally. Thank you.

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