Safety Starter Kits

Here is a selection of self-defense products assembled into safety starter kits for personal protection. Here is safety for you, your co-workers or fellow students and teachers. These kits are perfect for Real Estate Agents, Mail Carriers, Delivery Drivers, Utility Workers and High-School or College environments. Personal defense packages include close-range and distance defense products and devices.

Unfortunately, situations occur when a defendant might well benefit from carrying more than one type of self-defense on their person. An active, dangerous criminal might need persuasion that requires being “taken-down” by more-than-one kind of self-defense product.

Safety Starter Kits

Since we are all different human beings; what one non-lethal self-defense product might work on a subject; might be totaling useless on another assailant. Please carry a more-than-one type of personal defense device at all times.

Our Safety Starter Kits here at PDM Self Defense extends to you the option of two or three personal defense devices within one kit.

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