Personal Alarms - Keychain Defense

Personal Alarms - Keychain Defense

This keychain comes in a heart shape with a sharp edge that will cause serious damage to your assailant. Made of super tough plastic material, this keychain weapon will withstand any strike and will deliver a destructive blow to your opponent. This 3.5″ keychain is also compact and light, making it easy to keep on you at all times.

Our Personal Alarms or panic alarms are electronic devices that “sound” a siren-like sound that someone is in harm’s way and needs immediate assistance. An assailant is threatening or about to cause harm to a person.

One of the last things an aggressor wants is attention to their foul deeds. A trouble maker much prefers to act in silence or under cover of darkness. Such creatures seek out people that see as an “easy target.”

Personal Alarms – Keychain Defense Products are small, lightweight, easy to carry and perfect for women or men. It’s a sad fact that violent perpetrators won’t learn to leave others alone until they feel strong pain.


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