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The miscellaneous category is made up of a variety of different products. These products do not fit into any specific group. Miscellaneous Products are available in various types or diverse characters. Besides, this category contains a mix of “unlike” items.

For example, such different or diverse products each have a value of their own. 

Miscellaneous Products

  1. .30-6 Bullet Knuckle Belt Buckle – Check out this “novel” brass belt buckle. Therefore, it will encourage conversation while holding up your lower attire.
  2. ARMA Bean BAG Gun – is a revolutionary alternative to other non-lethal self-defense products. The ARMA 100 stops assailants up to 20 feet away. This Bean Bag Gun is safer to use than electronic shock devices. 135 FT per SECOND.
  3. Tactical Use of Defense Sprays – This handbook teaches you how to choose, carry and shoot your spray. Furthermore, this text shows you what to do about multiple assailants. Date rape protection is also inside the booklet.
  4.  A Counterfeit Detector Pen is a felt tip pen containing an iodine solution that can be for any thread-based paper currency. 

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