Military and Police Equipment

Accordingly, Military and Police Equipment is forever evolving. I just read today about the following Non-Lethal Self-Defense for the Police and Military.

Approved By US Military & Federal Bureau of Prisons

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Military and Police Equipment

The s1 Pepper Spray Gun was put together to offer the trusted, non-lethal protection of pepper spray and tear gas. This personal defense product delivers the long-range protection of a traditional firearm. In contrast, there aren’t any drawbacks of either. Now available in vibrant, safety yellow. As a result, this avoids any confusion between the s1 Pepper Spray Gun and a conventional firearm. Consequently, the vibrant yellow also allows this s1 to stand out in low light situations. In the meantime, you can easily find it when you need it.

Accordingly, the need for advanced non-lethal self-defense equipment is needed. In conclusion, you now can handle variety combatant subjects, safely.

With the ever demanding needs of our police and military men and women to be ready to defend and react at a moments notice. Your protection is critical. We offer a variety of military and police equipment – nonlethal self-defense weapons and apparel. These include Batons, Kubatons, SAP Gloves, along with Tactical Jackets and more.

Hence, all of the products we offer on PDM Self Defense are looking towards your protection and self-defense.

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