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Keychain Defense Products are small, lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for women or men. These include sting rings, kubatons, personal alarms and more.

Personal alarms, or panic alarms, are electronic devices that produce a siren-like sound when activated. The siren indicates that someone is in danger and needs immediate assistance. An assailant is threatening or about to cause damage to a person. These lightweight safety devices are extremely loud, usually 120 decibels or more. The ear-splitting high pitched sound produced is very uncomfortable to listen to for even a few seconds.

One of the last things an aggressor wants is attention to their foul deeds. A troublemaker much prefers to act in silence or under cover of darkness. Such creatures seek out people that see as an “easy target.” This is when and where Keychain Defense comes in handy.

More About Keychain Defense Products:

Keychain Defense and Kubatons FAQ is a great place to start to gain more understanding and insight into their use and function.

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