Instructional Fighting DVDs

These Instructional Fighting DVDs contains not only valuable fighting techniques but also other tons more invaluable information. These highly-talented fighting instructors know how to use different styles of weapons and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. The heroes teach you how to defend and defeat a dangerous predator, whenever and wherever, quickly and efficiently.

The exceptionally gifted instructors of the “Instructional Fighting DVDs” are real combat experts and fighting heroes. These gentlemen genuinely care about your safety and welfare, which is why they provide their expertise in these DVDs.

How-To-Fight DVDs:

Instructional Fighting DVD’s use unconventional fighting methods designed to teach you how to not only level the playing field but also give you a distinct advantage, in any violent situation where your safety is in question! Naturally, we do not want to promote violence, and you don’t want your kids fighting with other kids…ever! If someone in your family faces an attack by someone who means them harm, or possibly worse, it is good for them to know a few moves to fend off the attacker, and perhaps teaching them a lesson.

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